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About Us

AMCOM GROUP LLC is an international manufacturing enterprise, which designs, develops and implements "turnkey" projects consisting of equipment manufactured at its own production facilities. The scope of our work includes the execution of projects for processing of metallurgical slag, enrichment of iron ore, briquetting of fine by-products, and the provision of other equipment to the steel and coal industries.

The high level of automation of the processing plants we implement ensures that our processing units are not only secure, but modular and portable. Our customers are guaranteed an optimal product and service whether they need to convert current or stockpiled slag or enrich ore and coal.

AMCOM GROUP LLC offers a complete operational service, including long-term or short-term or short-term service contracts, maintenance, technical support, scheduled maintenance, service and training. The effectiveness of our work is achieved through the use of our own development and manufacturing technologies. Our selections of equipment and the technologies that drive them are developed by AMCOM GROUP LLC with our customers in mind.







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