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BRIQUETTING of fine metallurgical by-products

AMCOM GROUP LLC offers auger pressing briquetting technology.

Auger pressing briquetting is a high-performance technology that includes both material activation and actual pressing. This technology makes it possible to effectively agglomerate fine fractions of metallurgical by-products into high quality briquettes with remarkable properties - which may be reused in production!


As an addition to the traditional AMCOM metallurgical waste processing solutions, our briquetting technology has expanded our scope of services and allowed our customers to enjoy another mode of recycling waste. The technology is founded in cutting-edge science that focuses on raw materials. To obtain briquettes which satisfy the requirements of each of our customers, we custom-tailor the preparation of the input material. To that end we experiment with different types of binders, moisture levels, temperatures, and other elements to ensure an optimal product. We can provide both mono-component and poly-component briquettes.


Output Products

Briquettes by-products of production

Coal briquettes
Fraction 20-40 mm

Fraction 6 mm

Briquettes from gas cleaning dust and sludge
Fraction 20-40 mm

Dezincification (Zinc removal up to 97%)

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